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Home Sellers Top Questions

How much is my home worth? How long will it take to sell my house? How much will it cost to sell my home? Should I make repairs to my house before selling it?

Will The Housing Market Crash?

Strategies to take advanate of real estate market conditions now before they change

Get Your Homes Evaluation Report

Find out your home’s estimated value and market conditions in your neighborhood now.

Discover the Best Ways to Sell Your Home with Tenants.

10 techniques on how you can successfully navigate and sell your property even if you have tenants on the property.

6 Secrets to Getting a Bidding War For Your Home

In this video, HGTV featured Louie Ortiz reviews 6 strategies you can use to get a bidding war started when you sell your home.

Are Online Real Estate Estimates Accurate

Are online real estate estimates accurate? Just how do these online websites obtain their information?

Auctions, iBuyer and Marketing - Which One is Best?

Need to sell your home but not sure which way is best? In this video, HGTV featured Louie Ortiz reviews comparisons between auctions, iBuyer, and marketing.

4 Secrets You Need to Know When House Searching Online

Discover details about the real estate tax credit and what it can mean for your home

How Do Real Estate Commissions Really Work

In this video, you will learn how real estate commissions work and the choices and options you have when selling a home.

10 Ways to Make Your Home More Visually Valuable

Unexpected real estate data revealed in this morning news segment with Louie Ortiz

3 of the Biggest Home Seller Mistakes

Holiday selling can be challenging and yet it could also be one of the best times to sell.

3 Things Your Real Estate Agent May Not Tell You

See what features added value and these homeowners discover their homes estimated value

Getting Started with Investment Properties

Here are some tips you need to know when selling a home during the holiday season

Leaving California and Selling Your Home? Here is What You Must Know Before Leaving.

As the real estate data changes, discover tips on how to interpret the data and what it means for you

San Diego Real Estate Statistics presented by Louie Ortiz

Discover what a real estate agent might not tell you when helping you buy or sell real estate

See the homeowners reaction when they find out the estimated value of their home

4 Ways to Take Advantage of The Market Right Now

See where some of the most expensive homes in our country are and how they compare to Southern California

9 Tips To Get Your Offer Accepted

Harrison Ford, Michael Jackson and other celebrities homes for sale, see celebrity homes for sale

3 Secrets on How a Pandemic Can Affect Your Home's Value

Did you know that there are unknown and unexpected ways a pandemic can affect the value of your home?

3 Real Estate Technology Secrets You Must Know

HGTV Featured Louie Ortiz Reveals 3 Must-Know Real Estate Technology Secrets

The real estate market is changing now - see why.

In this video, HGTV featured Louie Ortiz reviews what are some of the factors impacting the changes in our real estate market. See the graphs with trends in San Diego, Orange County and Riverside County.

When is the Best Time to Sell to Sell a Home?

home? Find what time of year and what items you should consider before selling your home.

What is value range pricing?

HGTV and E! featured Louie Ortiz reviews definitions of value range pricing and how this can be a strategic way to market and sell your home

Are You thinking of selling your home

 In this video, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know as a homeowner to sell your home effectively.

The Real Estate Market Just Changed

The real estate market just changed and there is much data showing what could happen next.



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