Tips for Getting Your Clients Offer Accepted

Offer Accepted

We want to help your clients get their offer cheap nfl jerseys accepted and here are a few helpful tips.

  1. Call or email The Louie Ortiz Group before submitting your offer.

    We can answer basic questions and provide feedback as to what is important to the seller to close the transaction.  Price, terms, close of escrow, items included or excluded, etc can also be discussed before submitting your clients offer.

  2. We encourage your clients to include a cover letter with their offer.

    The cover letter could include things like why the buyers like the home or why they would like to live there.  Cover letters often help sellers choose between competing offers.

  3. Include comparables if your offer is less than full asking price. 

    Providing comparables with your offer will help the seller understand how your buyers choose their offered price.

  4. Include a minimum of 3% of purchase price as initial deposit with the offer.  

    Most sellers are seeking a minimum of 3% because this is the maximum amount retained as liquidated damages in the standard California Residential Purchase Agreement.

  5. Make the offer as “clean” as possible.

    Sometimes asking for extra days for contingency removal, excessive reports or inspections at sellers expense, furniture or items included with the sale, etc can be negatively received by a seller.

  6. Include proof of financing with the offer.

    If your offer is financed, provide a preapproval letter and lenders contact information with the offer.  If the offer is all cash, include proof of funds.

Have some other tips or suggestions on how to get an offer accepted?  Email us with your ideas:

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