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Randee Starritt

Randee Starritt

Born and raised in Texas, Randee got his first taste of real estate in 1999 when he joined Countrywide corporate as part of their foreclosure and REO team and worked his way up to VA manager. There he mostly handled the East coast of the United States until 2005 when he moved to San Diego. From 2005 till 2014 Randee handled REO for various institutions such as Bank of America, GMAC, Citi, Nationstar, Indy Mac, Freddie Mac, and Fannie Mae. At Fannie, he oversaw the State of Nevada where at the peak, they averaged over 500 new foreclosures a month. Randee set records in production that still stand today. Randee has completed over 15,000 real estate transactions and over 14 years of real estate experience including REO and Foreclosures. Randee has joined The Louie Ortiz Group to focus on helping people find homes to raise their families and live their lives in. That same focus and passion Randee used to set records in REO he now uses to help homeowners find their dream home.

In his spare time, Randee has a love for coaching youth football, writing novels, and acting like an oversized kid at Disneyland and Sea World.

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