In this morning news segment, Louie Ortiz reviews real estate market data and how the
pandemic has affected our Southern California real estate market.

How has the pandemic affected our real estate market? The data shows a large decrease in home sales and the number of homes for sale. Interest rates still are at historically low numbers. Louie explains how you can take advantage of the market conditions and save
thousands of dollars on your next home purchase.

Louie explains that even if prices go up, you could save more money over the life of your home loan with a lower interest rate, even if home prices go up.

KUSI TV is a television station that featured more local news and produces its popular morning and weekend news programs.

The Louie Ortiz Group has not paid for any of the segments featured. The media relationships offered to
The Louie Ortiz Group’s clients are not something that can be purchased and were established through the years
of networking, personal contact, and personal relationships and are unique to The Louie Ortiz Group.

Did you know that a television media and marketing plan from The Louie Ortiz Group can significantly increase the number of buyers that see your home? Here are some reasons why:

1.  TV Reaches Large Numbers of Audiences

There are estimated to be over 121,000,000 US homes or 96% of households have at least one television. The traditional TV audience composition trends tend to be older than other media making it a great place to attract buyers for your home because older demographics often have greater wealth and home buying capabilities.

HGTV shows (like the ones with The Louie Ortiz Group) are distributed to over 81,500,0000 households in the United States and are one of the top 10 cable networks.

2. Viewers Spend More Time with TV

Research firms like Ipsos report recently that Americans are watching more TV. Since TV viewing is a communal experience, we see families and decision-makers together for longer times.

TV can be a great place for potential buyers to discover your home when they might not have even been looking for a property.

3. TV Attracts Loyal Viewers

Popular TV shows and series attract a loyal, attentive audience. Local TV news shows (like the ones featuring The Louie Ortiz Group) time viewership has increased recently and TV/AD Nation reports that TV advertising is more likely to be trusted over other media. This makes TV a great place for a place to position and create awareness for your home.

4. TV Creates Differentiation for Home Marketing

While most real estate agents’ home marketing relies on internet IDX websites and traditional methods, TV exposure can create unique differentiation for your home. Imagine when a home buyer sees your home featured in a television segment. Greater visibility, differentiation, and awareness are created.

Contact us and let us share how our unique TV relationships and opportunities are just one of the ways
we can market your home differently.





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