Louie Ortiz Client Testimonials

Louie Ortiz greatly appreciates the many complimentary notes, letters and emails he receives from his current and past clients. Below are just a few client testimonials and he looks forward to adding your name and comments to his list of successful real estate transactions. Please contact The Louie Ortiz Group for a list of other accolades and client testimonials.



“The Louie Ortiz Group is second to none in its ability to sell high-end real estate. Our house sat on the market for 2 years with virtually no activity. After listing the house with Louie and his team of professionals, we were in escrow in less than 30 days. My only regret is that I did not list the property with Louie 2 years earlier!”

–Charles Conniry




When it comes to service there are a few who can get the job done as well as you. Despite the market being the buyer’s market at the time we were selling our home Cross Stone home, you managed to bring in 3 offers and sell our home in less than 3 weeks. You go above and beyond the call of duty to help your clients.

We also appreciate your thoroughness and the cleanness of the transaction. You’ve created an atmosphere of confidence and trust in us assuring us that we have the right person working for us. You did a remarkable job of keeping us informed of any development during the listing process. That communication made this an enjoyable experience and we never felt in the dark or left out of the ongoing events.

You are without a doubt the hardest working realtor we have ever seen and you receive our strongest possible endorsement. We would highly recommend you to anyone wanting to either sell or buy a home.

Warmest Regards”

–David and Jenny Yi



“Globally the world is experiencing its worst downturn in memory, the US since the Great Depression and the markets have and continue to reflect our current reality. It is said that “the market cycles” corrects the economy to contract back to realistic levels (supply-demand) however one important aspect of market cycles that is equally important is to allow only the good businesses/business people to survive. These are the businesses and business people with the skills to meet the changing market conditions head on. If prospective home owners consider selling their home asset in this current market, they need an agent with the skills. Louie Ortiz of the Louie Ortiz Group affiliated with Keller Williams Realty is the “skill set” one needs. From day one a clear strategy-business plan is determined and developed to meet the home owners situation and criteria that includes the most up-to-date media presentations, marketing and communication techniques. Mr. Ortiz has gone the extra distance, more than any agent I interviewed, to ensure his reputation and connectivity with the industry and other agents is at a level where activities are carried out in a “result driven manner.” Accenture says “There comes a time when Execution is more important then Theory” – Louie Ortiz (Keller Williams) understands this at its core.Thanks for selling my home”

–Thomas Doleman



“Dear Louie,

From your initial phone call asking for our listing, you captured our attention where countless others failed. There is never one sole element that causes success. The dictionary should define professional as Louie Ortiz.

You never failed to respect us and our biggest asset, your creativity in marketing is outstanding and your ability to resolve problems cannot be surpassed.Louie, the fact that you personally showed our home to all prospects, educated yourself to all of its features and benefits and presented such to all who toured our home was a definite means to closing the sale in the challenging market.

The vast majority of agents simply unlocks a door and walks the home with a prospect. You sell a home and in our case you also sold the lifestyle of the community.

Thank you Louie, You are well on your way to great success.

Warmest regards”

–Laurel Hughes and Peter Kraslawsky



“Louie provided great service to us as home buyers. He made himself available at all hours of day. He was very responsive to both emails and phone calls. He has excellent follow through on promises made and strong attention to details. He knows the properties he’s working on extremely well and has a passion for matching buyers with sellers. We recommend Louie to anyone seeking or selling a home in San Diego.”

–Peter Voutov



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